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Excellent as always.

Anyone else notice the apple pie woman at 17 seconds? Dip it in shit.

Holy shit! A new episode! This was definitely worth the wait!

Anyone who reads 'The Sun' should be fired into the actual sun.

Brilliant piece of work.

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It's a decent idea. However, as other reviews have mentioned, once you learn how to spam your defences, you can cocoon your planet to a point where it's almost indestructible. I ended up waiting for mine to get killed because I started to get a little bored. It could do with a little more content, like mission objectives or different types of shields for different types of flares maybe?

Good game, room for improvement.

On a side note, I noticed that once I'd been playing for a while, everything I looked at was moving in a circle, kind of like the 'guitar hero' effect you get for staring at a moving screen for so long! (that's not a bad thing, just thought I'd mention it!)

fodormartinb responds:

Thank You for the review!
We are about to release a new build which adresses current balance issues, and also contains some new content.

Jesus fucking christ!

Also, cool music.

Wolod responds:

Thanks, man!


I suddenly feel really small!

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Nice riffage man!

djt820 responds:

Thank you sir!

Cool man. This was the first song I heard by these guys. You've done an excellent job here!

Love this, it's old school as fuck.

LexRodent responds:

Glad you like it man.

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This is awesome! Would it be a problem if I got this tattooed on myself somewhere?

Taiso responds:

I can give you the "tattoo edition", dude!! actually, at first this was made as a tattoo design


Love it man. It reminds me of something from windows media players visualisations!!
I love pictures like this, I could stare at it for hours!

Chronamut responds:

then do :P

thanks for the review!



Before I read that it was tattoo art, I was going to say, "wow that would make a cool tattoo".

I love tattoos. I teach a guy guitar in exchange for free tattoos. Keep up the good work Shawn!

Chronamut responds:

thanks man - I'm currently finding it very difficult to find a venue to sell my work as I don't have a parlour or anything.. so you all get these for free.. for now..

and yes we all remember that you love tattoos :P

thanks for the review Gorebastard hunny bun! <3


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